• Generate meta tags for your store pages. Create relevant meta tags for all product, collection, blog and article pages based on your store data.
  • Generate alt tags for your product images. Create relevant alt tags for your product images based on product data, like title, description, price, sku, etc.
  • Generate structured data in JSON-LD format. Create relevant structured data for your home, collection, product, blog and article pages.
  • Manage your store sitemap. Choose which pages are included in your store sitemap before your submit it to Google.

Easy to Install & Use

Just install the Smart SEO app from the Shopify app store, setup your Smart SEO templates, click Generate and voilà! All your meta tags, alt tags and structured data are generated instantly. You no longer need to spend time adding SEO data to every single entity in your store.

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Some of the things your can do with Smart SEO.

Awesome Shopify Themes

Powerful e-Commerce functionality and great responsive design to deliver superb desktop and mobile shopping experience.

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